Can You Take CBD For Sleep Disorders?

cbd oil for sleep aid

CBD has started steadily making its mark amongst those in the medical fraternity. People who used to shy away, and look at CBD product in contempt have begun to turn their gazes back towards it. But why this is happening, you may ask. Well, it’s because CBD has begun changing lives for the better. Do you want to know in what ways CBD stands its ground against insomnia and sleeplessness? Then we suggest you read on!

Why Is Sleep Important For Us?

Sleep is very important and essential in helping a person maintain their health at an optimum. When it comes to a good night’s rest, it is as important as regular exercises and having a well-balanced diet. The minute your sleep is compromised, everything turns into chaos! Productivity drops, you start getting irritable, and eventually it leads to depression. Your body falls into a bigger risk of weight gain and diabetes. The list of problems is endless! Good sleep equals a happy you!

So Getting To The Crux, What Is CBD?

CBD is what’s called cannabidiol. The marijuana plant that we all know, consist of a host of many compounds within it! Many hundreds of them, actually! CBD is simply one of them.

Will I Be “High” After Consuming It?

No, absolutely not! CBD doesn’t consist of any of the intoxicating effects that you imagine it to have. That is because the delusion and sense of euphoria that is associated is due to the presence of a substance called THC, tetrahydrocannabidiol. Simply put, CBD consist of negligible quantities of THC, close to nil!

How Can It Help Me With My Sleep Problem?

We have come to a point in civilization, where everything is going past us at lightning speeds. The fast paced world seldom looks back at us and waits. With all the stress of exams and work pressure, people have begun turning to pressure cookers wearing a suit and tie. If there is anything we know about stress, it is that it is the nemesis of sleep! Even with our body sunk into the soft bed we still find it difficult to get some of that much needed shut eye!

Well, worry not. CBD is here to help! CBD is associated with a plethora of benefits. Sleep inducement happens to be one of them!  So, how does it do its job?

CBD first gets to work by putting us in a state of relaxation. It does this by regulating something that is called cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone, excess of which creates undue stress. With the intake of CBD, cortisol levels are stomped. The result is a more relaxed you!

But what if it isn’t work stress that is making you wake up cranky in the morning? What about for those of you, who have to withstand constant pain in the form of arthritis or osteoporosis? Well, CBD can help you too. There are surely plenty of over the counter prescriptions you can take. But what you end up withis an addiction to the pain killers and gradually decreasing effectiveness. CBD is a much organic, healthy alternative that does just as good of a job! It relaxes the muscles and releases all the pent up muscle tension. The result is reduction in the inflammation and a heavy sigh of relief from your end!

What About Us Who Are Affected By Mental Trauma, Such As PTSD And OCD? Can CBD Help Us Too?

Of course it can! There are many of you who still don’t relate to any of the physical pain and work stress mentioned above. But CBD has something in store for you too! Those having conditions like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) find it very cumbersome to get a night of good rest. By using CBD, the mind slips into a deeper state of sleep cycles and the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle is more prominent!

So, How Do I Use It?

CBD can be consumed in the form of a gummy bear or squirting a dropper full of oil in your mouth. If CBD oil drops is used, then you will have to mix the oil with carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil. This aids it to easily flow. The dosage can be advised by your doctor on consultation. The diffused CBD oil is then released under the tongue using a dropper. The oil is to be held under the tongue for atleast a minute for it to be absorbed into the blood stream! Once absorbed, you may swallow it.

CBD has changed many lives. It could possibly change yours!

If you are somebody who has to constantly fight for some good sleep, then CBD is your answer!