CBD Beverage Enhancers and its Advantages

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There are a lot of innovations that pop up in the CBD market with each passing day. Pure CBD oils and tinctures would always be in the mainstream. However, the fact that sublingual oils are not suited for the use by all customers should be taken into consideration. Because of this, a lot of other products that are suitable for everyone’s use are released into the market often.

One of the major disadvantages of cannabidiol oil is its unpleasant taste. As people who have the habit of taking sublingual cannabidiol oils would know, they have an acquired taste of hemp which is partly bitter and partly earthy. Even though a few people can get past this unpleasant kind of taste, the majority of users cannot bear it.

One of the main ways to get around this is to add cannabidiol into your food and drinks. The major advantage of it is that it can make CBD taste better while eating it with your favorite food. It is important to know that CBD is something that does not get mixed well in water and this makes CBD difficult to be mixed with a normal water-based drink. This is where CBD beverages come to have importance.

Adding CBD Oils into Drinks

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand the actual need for using CBD beverage enhancers. As we already know, most people would like to add CBD to drinks like tea and coffee although it cannot be mixed with water.

CBD infused tea is prepared using hemp flowers which cuts out the need for using cannabidiol oil. On the other hand, cannabidiol can be mixed in coffee as the main ingredient used for making it is milk.

While CBD does not get mixed with water, it could be mixed with fatty liquids such as milk. For that reason, if your drink is made of milk, CBD can be added to it easily. The choice of smoothies is also regarded as very ideal to mix CBD.

The problem of mixing CBD with water-based drinks can be solved effectively by making CBD water-friendly through nanotechnology.

How does Nano-CBD Work?

Nano CBD is the latest trend in the compounds of hemp. Usually, manufacturers break down the molecules of CBD into smaller ones, before they get surrounded with a small coating of fat balls. This results in the formation of liposome which is a compound that can be mixed in both water and fat. Thus, it can also be added to many popular drinks.

The main products that arose as a result of this trend are CBD spring water, liposomes and beverage enhancers. Among these, CBD enhancers are given more focus as they come with a lot of benefits.

Advantages of Water-Soluble Cannabidiol Beverage Enhancers 

Beverage enhancers that have CBD mixed in them are generally flavored additives that are water-soluble which can also be mixed with drinks. You could simply squeeze some drops of beverage enhancers into the water and stir it before using it. The benefits of CBD beverage enhancers are as follows.

They Are Tasty 

CBD beverage enhancers are great choices as they have incredible taste. Unlike other products that have earthy tastes, beverage enhancers are made of flavors which makes them a good choice for picky eaters. People who are interested in cannabidiol products are found to be more conscious about their health than others, and hence the manufacturers mainly use organic substances to add flavor to it.

These enhancers make the hemp and water taste better. Beverage enhancers are ideal choices for people who are always in the lookout of choosing flavored drinks over water.

Enhancers are Easy to Take 

One of the major things that needs to be considered about cannabidiol products is to see whether it is good for your routine. Beverage enhancers are a great choice for people who are always busy as they can take these beverages with them anywhere in bottles – work, school or gym. This would help CBD users to consume a daily dose of CBD before you would probably notice it.

It can Increase the Water Intake

It is a fact that too many of us do not often drink enough water in our daily lives. It is very necessary to ensure that your body is hydrated. But most people find it very boring to drink water and choose other drinks like sugary sodas.  

Adding a cannabidiol beverage in your diet can mostly encourage most people to drink more water than their daily intake. As it tastes better, most people would have an extra incentive to finish a full bottle of it within no time.

CBD Beverage Enhancers Increase the Bioavailability 

Nano-CBD has more bioavailability, around 94%, according to the studies conducted on rats by the researchers of the University of Tokyo. This is more than the bioavailability of the most commonly used for CBD – CBD oils. However, since the studies were conducted on rats, more studies on humans are suggested to confirm this finding.