Best CBD Skincare Companies

CBD Beauty Products
CBD Beauty Products
CBD Beauty Products
CBD Beauty Products

CBD is the new trend in the beauty world and has already established its kingdom in the industry. The rise of its customer base is a reason why companies are embracing the green hemp compound. It is also shining in other industries like pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

The CBD skincare system is predicted to grow by $1.65 billion in the time period 2020- 2024. According to the new research conducted by Technavio, it is forecasted to have a CAGR of over 33 percent. It also claims that the industry is booming now because of CBD in its products.

The magic effect of CBD on skin is to be given credit for this. Most bought CBD beauty products in the market include CBD oils, creams, lotions, etc- in short, it is manufactured in all types. These products can naturally solve common persistent skin problems like acne by controlling the amount of sebum produced- thereby reducing it.

It is also a natural remedy for psoriasis, an autoimmune disease where excess skin grows quickly. CBD is also good at maintaining homeostasis, a balanced condition of the body. It soothes the skin, reducing issues related to redness and sensitivity.

Despite having many options to choose from, you might be confused about which brand to trust your skin with. This is especially necessary since CBD extract is available in different concentrations and spectrums. Based on the CBD skincare company reviews, here is a list to help you select the best.

Cronos. Group Inc.

You will find Cronos Group products in brand names OGBC and Peace Naturals. These brands have exclusive and the best collection of CBD infused skin care products including body lotions, creams, etc.

Elixinol Global Ltd.

The company Elixinol Global Ltd. has established its roots in two countries- the US and Australia. With its headquarters in Sydney, it has a good customer base in the US. The company’s products include CBD lip balms, serum, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, etc.

Endoca BV

Endoca BV has its headquarters in the Netherlands and has a wide range of products including edibles, topicals and beauty products. Their CBD infused lip balm and skin moisturisers are known for its quality.

Isodial International Inc.

This brand offers everything you could ask for. Its products include CBD tinctures, beverages like coffee, candies, topicals, capsules, and oral sprays. The list of products that took its CBD products to international fame are eye gel, serum, toner, cream, cleanser, enzyme mask, lip gel, and night cream.

Josie Maran Cosmetics LLC.

The highlighted CBD product of the company is CBD skin dope with enriched mixture of argon oil, hemp seed oil and CBD oil. Its other products include bath and beauty products, skincare, and CBD makeup items.