All About CBD Buds

CBD Buds
CBD Buds

As we all know, there are many CBD products available in the market such as edibles, oils, dabs, tinctures, creams, lotions, etc. Even if all these products are capable of giving the user all the benefits of CBD, it cannot give its complete natural effect. This is because, all the above mentioned products undergo different production procedure to reach its final form. During these procedures, the CBD will get mixed with some other ingredients or it will be purified to remove all other plant substances.

However, there is a CBD product that can give cent percent natural taste, odor, and effects of CBD and it is known as CBD buds. CBD buds or CBD flower is the naturally grown flower of the female hemp plant or the cannabis sativa L. Since the flowers of the hemp plant are an abundant source of CBD, it is dried and made available to the users without further processing.

Why Is CBD Bud Popular?

There are mainly two reasons for the popularity of CBD buds. It is not trending because of its medicinal qualities like other CBD products but due to some unique features. Firstly, it is the only unprocessed CBD product available in the market. However, there are many other products like oils and tinctures that claim to be the most natural form of CBD, but they are not. For the production of these items, the hemp plant is processed and CBD is separated by hydrocarbon method or CO2 method. In case of the hemp flower or CBD flower, it is offered to the consumers in the original form.

Secondly, it is used as an anti addiction drug. CBD flower looks almost similar to that of a cannabis flower. Cannabis flower is a potential drug and it is banned in almost all parts of the world. Cannabis flower was mainly infused through smoking and also by vaping. It is evident that CBD flower can also be infused in the same manner. In addition to that, the hemp flower has similar smell and taste of the cannabis flower and only the mind altering property is absent. Hence it can be used to recover from the habit of using cannabis.

Is It Legal To Use CBD Flower?

Even though it is derived from the family of cannabis plant, the CBD bud or CBD flower is legal in many parts of the world. Since it is obtained from the hemp plant and also because it is having only less than 0.30 percent of THC, it is also legal in the United States of America. As per the farm bill passed by the federal government of USA during 2018, the law making authority had made it clear that any CBD product having less than 0.30 percent of THC can be sold and used within their territories.

However, some states within the USA are following their own CBD regulations. In some of those places, using CBD bud is a punishable offense. For example, in the Illinois, the local government has legalized the use of CBD with some restrictions. As per their rules CBD products can only be procured from the medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition to that, only pills, oils and tinctures are legal in Illinois. Hence usage of CBD bud is illegal in some of the places.

How To Use CBD Buds?

CBD buds are mainly used in three ways, that is, by smoking, vaping and through oral consumption. Since CBD flower or bud is in the dried form, it can be easily burned and can be used as a smoking product. It can be smoked directly just like using cannabis flower. Another method of using CBD bud is through vaping. Even though the process of infusion is similar to that of smoking, vaping is far better. This is mainly because during this process, CBD is not burned directly and only the CBD infused vapor is inhaled by the user. Hence it will not lead to many respiratory problems.

One of the most common methods of having CBD buds is through oral consumption. However, it is not directly consumed like pills and other edibles. CBD buds are in dried form and have a high concentration of terpenes, thus it is used as a flavoring substance while making food. In addition to that, CBD buds are used by some people to prepare edibles like CBD chocolate and coffee.

Just like any other CBD product, buds are also capable of providing so many health benefits to the user. However, the main attraction of this substance is its anti addiction property. CBD buds can be effectively used to help people stop the usage of cannabis. In addition to that, smoking CBD buds can also be used a method to recover from the habit of cigarette smoking.