Comparison Between Vaping And Oral Consumption Of CBD


CBD is one of the most trending medicinal supplements around the world and it is available in different forms like pills, oils, creams and also as vape juices. Due to the medicinal qualities of CBD, it is widely used for the treatment of diseases like multiple sclerosis, seizure, and also to control chronic pain. Even though it can be infused in any form, there is some difference between the effects offered by different modes of consumption. Some of those differences between consuming CBD orally and through vaping are as follows.

Basis Of Difference CBD Edibles CBD Vaping
Bioavailability Low High
Time To Take Effect High Low
Durability High Low
Dosage Administration Easy Hard
Adverse Effect Dryness of mouth Respiratory Problems


It is the rate of absorbing CBD into the bloodstream. There is a great difference between infusing CBD orally and through vapes. When CBD is consumed in the form of pills, oils or other forms, it will have to pass through all the digestion process to finally reach the bloodstream. During this time, so much of the effective elements of the product will be lost. Therefore, only a small proportion of the total CBD consumed orally will get into the blood vessels of the user.

However, the bioavailability of the CBD vape products is so much higher than edibles. When a person inhales CBD through a vape pen, it will reach directly to their lungs. It helps in skipping all the digestion process. Since more CBD is served to the lungs, the blood vessels will take more of the same.

Time To Take Effect

The time required to show the effect of CBD will differ due to many factors it includes physical characteristics of the user, condition the person is suffering from, etc. The mode of consumption is also a major factor that determines the time for CBD to take effect. Since there are so many procedures involved in digestion, it takes a lot of time for CBD to show the result if it is consumed orally.

On the other hand, if a person is using CBD in the form of vapor, it will reach their bloodstreams faster. This will help the element to reach the affected area of the body and give immediate relief to the user. This is the major reason for people suffering from anxiety disorder to used CBD vape pens instead of gummies and pills.


It denotes the time for which CBD will stay in the systems of the user. Just like the time required to take effect, the time durability of CBD also depends on many factors like the dosage, the quantity consumed, etc. For this also, the mode of consumption is a deciding factor. Even though vaping is the best method to get an immediate effect, it will not stay in the system of the user for a long time. This is because the blood will expel the CBD elements with carbon dioxide during respiration.

The time for which CBD will stay in the systems of the user is more when it is consumed orally. This is because it will get stored in the body with other components like glucose and fat and helps the user to get a longer effect.

Dosage Administration

It is mandatory for the users to consume the proper dosage of CBD to get expected effects. Dosage is not directly proportionate to quantity because some products will be having only a small concentration of while others will be highly concentrated. It is necessary to properly administer the dosage of CBD because a lower dosage may not give the required effect.

Each gummies and pills will be having a specific prescribed concentration of CBD. This makes the user to administer its dosage easily. If a person needs a higher dosage they can increase the number of pills consumed and if he needs a smaller dosage, he or she can reduce the number. On the other hand, it is hard to perfectly administer the dosage of CBD while it is infusing through a vape pen.

Adverse Effect

The studies have found that using CBD will not make a lot of side effects on the user. However, there are some adverse effects raised due to the consumption of CBD. When CBD is infused orally, it will lead to dryness of the mouth. This is because CBD will interact with the salivary gland and restrict the production of saliva for a short time.

The main problem associated with the consumption of CBD through vaping is that its long term usage will lead to respiratory problems. It is not harmful to the body like tobacco or nicotine, but it has its own effects. Therefore, it is better not to fully depend on the vaping of CBD.

Even though both CBD edibles and Vape products are different forms of one element, change in the mode of consumption can lead to several differences among them.