Why Best CBD Capsules Use Water Soluble CBD Oil?

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Best Time To Take CBD
Best CBD Capsules
Best CBD Capsules

Among the multiple methods to consume CBD, soft gels are a popular option because of the precise dosage and simplicity in consumption. These are capsules filled with CBD oil consumed by swallowing and absorbed through the digestive tract. But, one of the major problems with this mode of consumption is that the effectiveness is lowered due to the lower bioavailability. So, manufacturers have introduced water soluble products that have better bioavailability and used in the best CBD capsules.

CBD And Bioavailability

Natural cannabidiol (CBD) is oil soluble and the bioavailability of traditional CBD oil products is low due to this. Because our bodies are made up of 60% water, they have naturally low absorption into the bloodstream through the gut lining. This results in reduced effect for a given dose compared to other methods of intake like vaping or sublingual consumption. So, to increase the bioavailability, manufacturers have introduced water soluble CBD oil products for getting maximum benefits upon consumption.

What Is Water Soluble CBD Oil?

Best CBD capsules are made using water soluble CBD oil and it is made by breaking the regular oil particle into smaller nano sized molecules called nano emulsion. As a result, they remain in stabilised form, dispersing more evenly in water, thereby increasing its surface area. This increases their rate of absorption and thereby higher bioavailability in the bloodstream. So, there are multiple benefits for water soluble CBD compared to regular products and they are listed below.

  • Quick Onset: Water soluble CBD oil has larger surface area and hence higher bioavailability, this results quicker absorption into the bloodstream and the effects are experienced faster.
  • Lower Cost Per Dose: Due to its higher bioavailability per dose compared to ordinary CBD product, you require a lower dose for the same effects. This reduces the cost per dosage and hence more pocket friendly.
  • Minimum Wastage: Due to its higher absorption rate and bioavailability more of the CBD finds its way into the bloodstream, and less amount is wasted through the digestive tract excretion.
  • Versatility: Since water soluble CBD oil is more soluble, it can be used in more products that have higher water content. Also, it increases the absorption of CBD oil capsules when consumed with water on an empty stomach.

Usually water soluble CBD oil capsules are made from full-spectrum extracts, but for those who do not like THC content, CBD isolate capsules are also available. It has even higher bioavailability due to 99% cannabidiol content and the cost per dose is lower.

So if you are looking for best CBD capsules, then those made using water soluble CBD oil can be your ideal choice.