How To Enhance The Effects Of CBD?

Enhance The Effects Of CBD
Enhance The Effects Of CBD
Enhance The Effects Of CBD
Enhance The Effects Of CBD

The effects that CBD generates in users vary according to their body weight, metabolism, health condition, administered dosage and many more. Two people taking the same type of cannabidiol product in equal dosages do not necessarily get the same effects.

In this article, we suggest some methods that will help you enhance the effects of CBD.

Always Follow The Directions

This may seem obvious but is still worthy of mentioning because there would be some who are not aware of the importance of taking CBD in the exact recommended way. This is especially important in the case of sublingual CBD products because the sublingual oil/tincture has to be kept under the tongue for at least 30 seconds before you swallow it.

Some people ignore the directions and simply swallow the oil/tincture at once and complain of not getting the desired benefits. Understand that the percentage of CBD that reaches our bloodstream will be quite low when you take CBD edibles or beverages.

Choose Full Spectrum Products

Among the three spectrum options, full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate, full spectrum products have the highest effectiveness as it has all beneficial cannabis compounds. When you choose CBD isolate, you are going to get the benefits of CBD alone. So better choose full spectrum CBD or broad spectrum CBD if you do not want THC even in minute quantities.

Combine With Melatonin For Treating Sleep Issues

Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. If you are taking CBD to handle sleep issues like insomnia, combine melatonin with nighttime CBD products to get better sleep.

Try CBD Liposomes

CBD liposomes are a rather new concept but it has gained immense popularity since its introduction. It increases the percentage of CBD that reaches our bloodstream and reduces the onset time. CBD liposomes start taking effect four times faster than regular CBD.

Try Nano CBD

Breaking CBD oil to nano-sized particles that are more water-compatible will improve CBD bioavailability significantly. Some manufacturers claim their nano CBD products to be water-soluble but the claim is not right.  The hydrophobic nature of CBD cannot be changed with any kind of processing that is currently available.

The effectiveness of cannabidiol products is closely associated with their potency values and bioavailability of their respective intake methods. Vaping and dabbing are some of the administering methods with high bioavailability. Estimate the bioavailability values of each intake method and select one that you find convenient.